You are looking for a home to rent out in town? Here few tips.

  • by Pantellaro Immobiliare
  • 8 years ago
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Once you start your adventure looking for a housing solution out in the economy by Sigonella air base you need to be aware of several things.

Sicilian homes are made of concrete, that means these units (villas, duplexes and apartments) require a lot more ventilation than American homes.

Rental fees in the local market don’t include condo fee (hoa fees), garbage fee and boiler maintenance, such fees are instead always included in the total sum paid by U.S. service members stationing in Sigonella.

Landlords in compliance to Italian law are entitled to charge up to three months rent security deposit, however we strive to make sure the landlord’s willing to charge only one month rent as security deposit. Such amount will be given back upon lease termination once it is verified no damages occur in the property leased. As matter of fact ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of premise are landlord’s liability, meanwhile small maintenance (such as replacing light bulbs), damages caused by negligence and/or abuse are tenant’s liability.

Electric and gas billing cycles happen every two months, meanwhile water billing cycle happens every three months. Recently due to energy deregulation happening in Italy many utility companies are allowed to operate in the market so the billing cycle may be subject to changes.

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