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Finding Your Home Away from Home:Rental Guide for Military Navy Personnel Abroad stationing at Sigonella

For military navy personnel, the call of duty often leads to new horizons and distant shores. Renting a house abroad provides a comforting haven amidst the demands of service, allowing you to experience the richness of different cultures while having a stable and supportive place to return to. Here's a guide tailored to the unique needs of military navy members seeking accommodation abroad: 1....

You are looking for a home to rent out in town? Here few tips.

Once you start your adventure looking for a housing solution out in the economy by Sigonella air base you need to be aware of several things. Sicilian homes are made of concrete, that means these units (villas, duplexes and apartments) require a lot more ventilation than American homes. Rental fees in the local market don’t include condo fee (hoa fees), garbage fee and boiler maintenance, such fees are...

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